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Again, Why Whole Foods are Usually Better…

April 5, 2011

An interesting article and study from an exercise kinesiology researcher at UNC.  Turns out that free radicals aren’t all doom and gloom.  They are actually a part of a complex signaling network that tells your body how to properly adapt to a bout of exercise.  Those who choose to take antioxidant supplements to “fight free radicals” may actually putting themselves more at a deficit than an advantage.

And the author’s ultimate recommendation?  “In conclusion, if you have a well-balanced diet and if you exercise routinely, you probably do not need antioxidant supplementation. If your diet is not well-balanced, consider adding enough fruits and vegetables to obtain your natural antioxidants.”

Fruits and Veggies 1, Supplements 0

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  1. Ronnie Traktman permalink

    Are there any supplements that are worth taking on a regular basis? I have read, and heard from Dr. Oz, as well, that a fish oil gel everyday is very advantageous to the heart. I usually have salmon 2-3 times a week; is that enough omega 3? Is a quality multi-vitamin, like Solgar with minerals, helpful to be sure that there are enough vitamins/minerals in my daily diet. I eat a fairly nutritious diet, but I do like my snacks.

    • Great question…and one without an easy answer! While we can obtain most nutrients from our diet, there are some that we may not get enough of despite our best attempts. Fish oil (omega-3 EFA’s) can be a good adjunct to a healthy diet, but make sure they are as unprocessed as possible. Nordic naturals is a bit pricier but is a high-quality brand. Another nutrient that most of America tends to be deficient in is Vitamin D. However it is best to have your Vitamin D levels measured by your physician (labwork) before trying to supplement, because different amounts are needed depending on your Vitamin D levels. Getting some sun during the summer months in the NYC area can help as well!

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