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Who Has Better Posture?

September 3, 2011
Who Has a Flatter Back?

Round 1: Sumo vs. Business

Saw this advertisement in an airline magazine on my way to a wedding in Omaha last weekend.  Take a look at the flat back alignment of the sumo wrestler vs. the hunched-over businessman.  I bet they didn’t even consider it when doing the photo shoot.  Goes to show you can be stable AND mobile 🙂

Although I didn’t run an FMS on these guys, odds are the businessman is rounding his back due to either:

1) Tight hip flexors that don’t allow his hips to fully extend back and/or

2) His thoracic spine is not very mobile due to tight chest muscles.

Both of which are symptoms of sitting at a desk all day and/or only doing pushing movements at the gym (i.e. pushups/bench press/shoulder press).  Sound like anyone you know?

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  1. Jon permalink

    Sumo wrestler is also more stable due to the gut, while probably not healthy helps stabilize his core, in that it keeps his chest up. Feel like the business mans dude probably has a poor core strength from sitting alot. Also I would avoid making assumptions about mobility until you test them. Remember the FMS is a movement screen. Follow up test Thomas and T-spine is need to confirm where confirm or rule out mobility restrictions (I would also guess poor ankle mobility is causing him to pitch forward, but would need to test that). The amazing thing about this is not the pic but the fact that you went to Omaha for a wedding!

  2. Very true, that’s why I said odds, hedging my bet 🙂 Difficult to conclude anything from a static posture…particularly from a photo. I’m waiting for those moving magazine advertisements, then we’ll have a field day! Seems like his heels are on the white “ground” so not sure about the ankle, unless he’s compensating elsewhere to keep them down.

    Yep, and stayed there 2 extra days due to the hurricane. They actually have a very nice zoo!

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